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RAM Air Suspension Kits

Rear Kits

08-12 RAM 4500/5500 Rear 4-Link Kit

13+ RAM 4500/5500 Rear 4-Link Kit

Your Ram Chassis Cab comes with a large leaf spring back that is designed to carry a large amount of weight, but doesn't do anything to help the comfort of the driver. Why not improve both with a 4-Link Rear Air Suspension from Kelderman? By removing the factory leaf springs from the frame, Kelderman's 4-Link Rear setup places four industrial strength air bags (two per side) on the outside of the frame to allow for a smoother ride and unmatched carrying capacity. By adding an optional, self-leveling air control system, your Ram will automatically add air pressure to the system, as needed, to never sag under a heavy load. These kits are perfect for service trucks, ambulances, tow trucks, and many industries! With air suspension instead of heavy leaf springs, the truck will ride better than you ever thought possible. Give us a call at 1.800.334.6150. for more information so you can get more out of your Ram today! 

Front Kits

08-15 Ram 4500/5500 Front Suspension

16+ RAM 4500/5500 Front Suspension Kit

The Kelderman 2-Stage Front Air Suspension System replaces the factory coil spring suspension on your Ram HD truck with an industrial strength air bag and shocks to boost the carrying capacity of your Ram's front suspension while improving the ride of the truck. This 2-Stage Front Air Suspension System includes Rancho 9000 adjustable shocks to allow you to change the valving in the shock to get your Ram riding just how you want it. This is a great way for you to dial in the ride quality to exactly where you want it. Adjust the height of the air bag within it's designed operating range and set the shock to a setting where your truck rides the way you want! These systems work well for trucks equipped with heavy front bumpers, snow plows, winches and many other accessories. Don't let your truck continue sag up front because the factory coil spring just can't cut it. Why should you have to have a 3" lift up front just to get the truck close to normal because the coil spring can't handle the weight of heavy accessories? With Kelderman's 2-Stage Front Air Suspension System, you can add a heavy duty front bumper and the truck will still sit just how it did from the factory. We even offer it with a leveling kit built right into our suspension framework to allow you to run larger tires on your Ram! This kit consists of upper and lower bag plates, industrial strength air bags, and adjustable shocks. These kits come with a 'manual fill' setup that allow you to add air to them manually until they are the correct height for the proper ride. Optional air control systems are available to work with just a front kit or in conjunction with a Kelderman 2-Stage Rear or 4-Link Rear Air Suspension System!

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