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Why DuraMag® is Considered the Premium Truck Bed on the Market and What Makes DuraMag® Stand Out in a Crowd

The DuraMag® aluminum advantages over steel:

  1. Super strong with lighter weight
  2. Higher payload capacity
  3. Lower fuel consumption
  4. Less chassis wear and tear
  5. No rust
  6. More environmentally-friendly manufacturing process

All DuraMag® beds have LED lights with a wire harness that uses heat shrink butt connectors. All lights are rubber mounted in box tube extrusion that protects them from corrosion and damage.

Distinction: Unlike most of our competition, DuraMag® wiring is fully concealed inside box tubing with nothing exposed to the weather. This is a significant consideration as “wiring exposed to the elements” is right behind “rust” in important considerations to minimize future problems.

Truck Resale Value: Your DuraMag® bed not only saves you money along the way, it generally increases the value of your truck at time of sale. Rusted bodies are actually a liability.

Value: DuraMag® beds are competitive with, and in some cases less expensive than, Steel beds. For all the value added – and for all the cost and risk associated with the Steel option, it makes the decision easy.


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