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System One

System One® manufactures high quality aluminum ladder racks, truck tool boxes, and drawers for pick-up trucks and vans in a variety of configurations. These ladder racks and accessories are used by contractors, utility companies, the military and other government agencies and are built entirely from aluminum alloy and stainless steel for a long, hard life in some of the most challenging construction environments to be found anywhere. Our truck racks and van racks are without a doubt the best engineered ladder racks available.  Our innovative Work Winch® is made to secure overhead cargo efficiently and safely and is the only rust-free Integrated Tie-down System made.

Unlike heavier steel ladder racks, aluminum ladder racks deliver rust-free strength and light weight, which means you enjoy an attractive no-maintenence appearance and the reduced weight gives you greater fuel efficiency.  Aluminum ladder racks are more tolerant of scratching and the kind of abuse that usually spells the end of most steel racks.  Steel ladder racks become either a constant maintenance headache or continue to deteriorate until you lose your investment completely. 


Pickup Truck 

Tradesman Package

The Tradesman Package is the latest development in equipment designed to help your workday go smoother. It offers style, strength and versatility unmatched by any other truck equipment manufacturer. In this package, you will find innovations that can be found nowhere else. The Tradesman Package provides an impressive range of cargo handling capabilities and storage options using strong, lightweight aluminum components and stainless steel fasteners resulting in a fuel-efficient system that is a pleasure to use. It includes our Heavy Series I.T.S. ladder rack, built-in Work Winches to secure overhead cargo, Full Access Tool Boxes, and StowAway Drawers for spacious organization - and still leaves your entire bed space accessible for sheet goods and                                                                                                                         other cargo. The Tradesman Package is a continuation of our                                                                                                                             commitment to provide high quality engineering and design at a                                                                                                                       reasonable price.


Contractor Rig Ladder Rack

System One's Contractor Rig™ for pick-ups is the undisputed leader among contractor ladder racks. Its heavy wall, rust-free aluminum extrusions provide outstanding performance in high abuse environments. Its ability to be configured to your own particular needs means better versatility, better organization, and, ultimately, better efficiency for you and your company. The ladder rack itself can be removed in 3-5 minutes, leaving the Pick-up Traks™ on the bedrail to serve as a cargo restraint system and bed rail protector. All Contractor Rigs include a removable rear crossmember with adjustable handles, Ladder Life™ anti-wear inserts on each crossmember, Ladder Glide® low friction insert on the rear crossmember, and color inserts to                                                                                                                               match the truck. Please choose from Heavy I.T.S. or our Standard                                                                                                                       series

Utility Rig Ladder Rack

System One's® Utility Rig® for pick-up trucks is a highly versatile and economical ladder rack. Its extremely rigid free-standing trusses have a 600 lb. working load capacity and allow easy loading and unloading of equipment and material. Furthermore, the rear truss is completely removable in seconds for full unrestricted access to the cargo area. The front truss is also just as easy to remove, leaving the Pick-up Traks® on the bedrail to serve as a cargo restraint system and bed rail protector. The Utility Rig includes Ladder Life® anti-wear inserts for ladder protection, Ladder Glide® low friction insert for easy loading and unloading, side stops on all four upper corners, and color inserts to match the truck.

Service Body

Contractor Rig Ladder Rack

System One® makes racks in various lengths and heights for service/utility body trucks and they are offered in both standard and I.T.S.® series. These racks are usually mounted to our Utility Traks for increased rigidity and tie-down capability. In bodies with top-opening compartments where the stationary ledge near the hinge is often too narrow to mount the Utility Traks, our "B Trak" is usually the solution. Body to roof height varies among these trucks so we stock legs of varying lengths from 12" up in 2" increments. Utility Traks are available in lengths of 8', 9' and 11' to accommodate various body lengths. Our Extension Beams (for Contractor Rigs™) are available in lengths of 102", 120", 138", 147", 156" and 174" for various cab/body combinations. System One’s® Contractor Rig® and Utility Rig™ can be mounted to utility bodies. Our Utility Trak provides a rigid mounting surface for either style rack. One, two or three trusses can be mounted and dismounted with ease anywhere along the length of the Trak. The Utility Trak attaches to the top surface of the utility body using concealed bolts and also serves as a structural anchor rail for tie-downs. Racks are available for 8 , 9 and 11 ft. bodies. The Extension Beams for Contractor Rigs are supplied in lengths of 102”, 120”, 138”, 147”, 156” and 174” depending on the body and cab length. The difference in height between the body and cab roof must be provided as racks are available in different heights. (Heavy Work Contractor Package shown)

Utility Rig Ladder Rack

Contractor Rig with vertical post for topside opening boxes


Work Winches

Work Winch

The Work Winch® is the most universal and easiest to use tie-down system ever made. Work Winches® "plug in" to any I.T.S.® series rack in 2 to 3 minutes. They are constructed of aluminum alloy and stainless steel with a PVC bearing. It is the only rust free tie-down system made and has a nearly unlimited lifespan. This is not a bolted-on aftermarket accessory, but an integral part of a System One I.T.S.® series ladder rack.

Everything you need is always right there - even the handle. Just lift the pawl and pull out as much strap as you need. Place the strap around the load and hook it to an anchor hole or crossmember. Take up the slack with the handwheel and tighten firmly using the handle.

                                                                                                                      The handle can be kept permanently on the shaft or it can be left                                                                                                                       in a toolbox and used only when needed. When hanging it allows                                                                                                                       the shaft to rotate freely within it; when pushed forward, it will                                                                                                                            engage and operate the winch.