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This model features a telescoping (36 1/4 inch) jib and dual main cylinders.

16,000 lbs. capacity

Standard Features

  • Dual Pivot Design
    • Flexible design with true dumping capabilities
  • High Pressure Hydraulics (3,600 psi to 4,500 psi)
    • Allows system to take advantage of smaller cylinders, saving you weight and increases your available payload.
  • Container Hold Downs
    • Inside on T-12, PHT-16, and T-20 models
    • Outside on all other models
      • Adjustable (forward and back) on PHT-22
  • Dual Lift/Dump Cylinders
    • Steady and secure handling of bodies during loading, unloading and dumping operations
  • Dual Counter Balance Valves
    • Safety feature providing power up and power down
    • Accessible and serviceable
  • Dual Rear Rollers standard on T-40 models and up
  • Soft Stop Landing standard on T-29 and up
  • Telescopic jib
  • High strength steel supports
    • No wearable/replaceable pads
  • Adjustable Height Jib
    • Hydraulic optional on T-29S, T29-M - 36" and 54"
    • Manual standard on T-40 and up - 54" and 62"
  • Inside Controls
  • Greasable with bronze bushings at all pviot points
  • High strength steel frame - Z rail design
  • Safety sensors
    • Jib sensor ensures the jib cannot retract while in dump mode (all models)
    • Dump latch sensor ensures the latches are fully engated (all models)
    • Soft stop sensor ensures gentle landing of body after dumping (T-29 and up)
  • 3-Year Limited Warranty